Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This and that or news from a broad... aka Helen

a combination of emails from helen this last week. in the first one she reprimands me for signing my email to her re blogs, as clippy mat/pat/admin assistant/dogsbody/secretary and teaboy.

Dear Clippy;
Stop giving yourself airs with all these new job titles. Who promoted you to teaboy I'd like to know? You're still only getting sixpence three farthings a quarter and every third Christmas afternoon off and 1 shovel of coal in October to take you through to February. Scratchett, eeh I'm good to my staff I am, Good to my staff I am I am tra la la

Treadmill Trauma (happenings at the gym)

I wasn't there when this happened but one of the trainers told me at t'gym today that an old woman stopped at the rear of the treadmill to speak to her pal who was treading thereupon. The first old woman was holding a cardigan that was trailing on the floor, this got caught up in treadmill workings which ceased to work, thereby immediately throwing her pal into turmoil and the rest of the gym into panic/confusion, wish I'd seen it!! But glad ..it happens to others too!

A week full of anniversaries (some welcome some not!)
19/November, the first anniversary of Granddaughter Emma's tragically fatal accident especially awful as we have to pass the spot 3 mornings a week when I go for my psoriasis treatment - (Emma was Helen's step granddaughter who was tragically killed in a car accident. She had got out of a car to go to the aid of a dog which had been hit by a passing vehicle and she was killed as she crouched down in the road to help the poor animal.)
23/November my son Jonathon's 34th birthday -
26/November our 9th Wedding Anniversary (some bad planning here by moi)
28/November John's 70th birthday - We all enjoyed a multi-celebratory lunch together on 27/November at local hostelry's carvery and basically that was the week that was!
On Jonathon's birthday we all congregated at my mothers as she had made it known that she had been baking for a special birthday tea for him. Unfortunately as we all arrived around lunchtime she had a senior moment and promptly forgot all about her baked goods and disappeared into the kitchen for a time then proceeded to dish up a delicious roast beef n Yorkshire pud Sunday lunch!!
Not that any of us complained; there wasn't a morsel left after we descended on the grub like a flock of starving gannets (I am in constant awe of her unflappable ability to regularly achieve the miracle of the loaves and fishes).

And Clippy, tomorrow night is the Christmas get together for the rest of the f.o.t.h.s. as in, me, Katie, Mary and Syd. You and Vee will be missed. I shall send an update of what we did, what we said, what we ate and what we drank, very very soon.

More tellins from Helen very soon.


Stinking Billy said...

helen, I have just enjoyed a good read down your last few posts and I'm particularly delighted to hear something from Newcastle, and especially it's soul, Byker, even if your posts have been to Canada and back, beforehand.

I guess I am going to have go further back in your blog to get a full picture of your relationship with clippy, and why you prefer to blog through her rather than run your own site but, what the hell?
She is clearly a good friend.

Love your style, so comical. x

Busy Bee Suz said...

The treadmill story really frightens me....the anniversaries...trajic about losing granddaughter...just trajic. so sad to hear of that huge loss.
take care,
ps. I think Clippy deserves a raise. 2 chunks of coal.

Clippy Mat said...

suz: you are all heart.
i now sign all of my emails to helen as, 'your humble servant'. she likes the powah! LOL

Helen said...

BTW They should read "Your ever so 'umble servant!"

Thanks for the comments one & all, Pourquoi 'Stinking'Billy or perhaps I shouldn't ask!!

Stinking Billy said...

helen, I had to google pourquois, but here is the url to my very first blog on 20th June 2007. Having published it, it went awol for three months before Penny, Lady Thinker, found it for me.


Qops, doesn't look much like a proper url, but it's my best try!

Lakeland Jo said...

always happy to connect with other wonderful north east women. I will be back