Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Wish from Helen

This is one of the latest emails from Helen. Her Christmas preparations take on a new meaning and value, particularly the Christmas card I received, when I see the efforts she puts into doing HER cards. (Clippy Mat aka Helen's 'umble servant)

Got all my cards done at last! Cant entrust this task to himself due to his dyslexia (Gawd knows what we'd den pu iwth)

I manage it if I break it up into smaller tasks i.e. a section each day: family/friends/neighbours. These are sub-divided into 'by post/by hand' etc. Putting into envelopes is the absolute worst job - I have a method but some end up with teeth marks round the edges; apologies if that was yours Clippy and I've cut down a lot on the by post category (it cost 52p to send a birthday card to Blyth!!)

I'm afraid I don't trust others to do as good a job as I, so tend not to ask for help although it is offered. As long as the coffee & nibbles keep coming I'm relatively happy but the whole thing plays havoc with my wrist R.S.I. (repetitive strain injury) so if I haven't replied to any of your emails spare a thought for the afflicted.

I ordered most of my gifts via the Internet and thank goodness all have arrived safely and my visa details appear to be safe so far. So I'm reasonably well organised & quite looking forward to Crimbo at Mam's (Lord help us!!) I think our night out really started the season off for me - I did enjoy it & am taking Jonathon & Fiona there for a Chrissie treat, think I'll book in advance though.

Here is a photo of us, F.O.T.H.S* taken at our recent get-together when we went for a nice Indian meal in Whitley Bay. Clippy and Vee were absent of course due to their being in different countries at the time, but we did toast to absent friends.
Left to Right, Helen, Mary, Katie, Syd aka Carolyn
I hope you all have a terrific Christmas wherever you may be (hopefully with loved ones)
Joyeaux Noel, Felice Navidad, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A TRULY HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR to one & all with much love,


*F.O.T.H.S. friends of the heart sisterhood, which Helen has named our small group of long time college friends who gather to reminisce and reunite at least once or twice a year. This event pictured was in early December.


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Happy Christmas
One reason I follow your blog is that you come over so well in spite of your problems.

Good luck in the future.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I will not complain about all I have done and have to do. You are amazing Helen. Blessings to you!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Helen said...

Wishing a very warm thank you to all our readers. Its wonderful to get your input/feedback

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Not sure how I got here -- probably via Grumpy Ken. I was so sorry to hear you had had a stroke at the tender age of fifty but so happy to see that your fighting spirit has helped you to rebuild your life and look to the future with a continued zest for life. Merry Christmas Helen!

C said...

you 4 look so happy! i bet you all feel like kids again, inside, when you get together! it's NEVAH too late to have a happy teenage years....

merry christmas and a very blessed new year!


nomatter what happens to our bodies, we will always be the same girl inside.... dont lose sight of that.

Stinking Billy said...

Smell, (that is the nickname bestowed on our daughter, Helen, by her elder brothers), assuming that's your man in the final photo, he's okay, I guess, but you still have a big edge over him! ;-) x

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Back again
Frogdancer has got me on this meme lark. And I'm probably doing it all wrong. See blog 5th jan. Picked you because you are always positive and can probably think of dozens of things that make you happy.