Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Helen's been abducted by aliens. ;-)

helen has been out of circulation for a week or two. i think she's having computer probs. so i went to my email inbox to find one i could post that was newsy and entertaining. i'm sure she'll be back soon, but thanks for keeping on reading and posting your comments. i know she loves it.
by way of explanation, helen is castigating me in the email for being weak-willed last year during lent when i folded quickly despite my resolve to give up TV, for my sins. she says that Mary probably did better. (she's probably right, Mary is much more devout than moi). Mary is also a f.o.t.h. and a much better woman than me, gunga din. and Katie, is a f.o.t.h. and had recently been cleaning up 'caca' according to this email. but why? i can't remember to be honest. but it's something that katie would do.
the f.o.t.h.s. (friends of the heart sisterhood) are
Helen--chief foth
yours truly --clippy mat aka pat,
Vee, who lives and works in Saudi Arabia
Katie who retired from living and working in S.Arabia and now lives with her hubby in a charming village in Lancashire.
Mary, who lives in the N.East not far from Helen
Syd aka Carolyn who also lives in the NE and is a deputy headmistress of a local hard knock school.
and to refresh your memory, we all went to college together way back in the day and have remained friends since.

Dearest f.o.t.h.s.

Clippy, I've just read your latest bit o blog - it answers many questions I was about to ask you- Atonement I haven't seen the film yet but I almost threw the book out of the bedroom window. I much prefer fast-paced quick-witted & lively writing (have you read any Wendy Holden's chiclit stuff Azur like it (Cannes anything be this Nice) Pastures Nouveax http://www.chicklit.co.uk/authors_wendyholden.asp very English style of writing of the moment!
Yep I'm with you, give me a Roddy Doyle, Frank McCourt or Bill Bryson any day although the Wendy Holdens do make me smile & oftimes chuckle at her clever phrases and use of Franglais.

Have to admit I'm shocked and appalled at your Lenten debacle!! Where's yer backbone woman! Its lovely to know that despite the thousands of miles atween us you're sat sitting there watching the same tv crap as me!! I loved Glen Close in Damages too. Best thing that's been on here in ages, I'm thoroughly sick of all these talentless 'Search for a Star' progs & the crappy 'celebrity' reality shows that are the mainstay of British TV just now 'Celebrity Strictly dancing / 'Celebrity' Big Brother 'Celebrity' Dancing on ice all with minor Z-list celebs & wannabees BRING BACK TENKO!!

Happy reading! Bet Mary's done better for Lent!!!

Katie Kaka cleaner upper: hope that situation has dried up now.

That's all I can do folks as am mucho tired:- had physio this a.m. then hair wash n blow dry (by sis) & at-home massage courtesy of Loraine the Alternative Therapy nurse. So busy- pamper day for me. thought of you all working so hard. tee hee

Love ewes,


Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree w/ the reality tv...just a bunch of crap.
Clippy should be stronger in her convictions...Mary IS!!!! ;)
I hope they are the nice aliens and not the ones that want to do experiements on humans. That would not be nice.

Clippy Mat said...

i agree with suz: i am a shallow woman, unlike Mary.

C said...

helen, hope you B feeling bettah soon, sistah...
i would LOVE a massage therapist! may end up having one cuz i tore me rotator cuff, will need surgery, and all that jazzzzzz. i too HATE reality TV and all the flippin game shows, etc, we mostly watch discovery, history, food, the learning channel, the weather channel, news, and movies.... the rest sucks.
hey, twas SO windy here last night that me chickens layed the same eggs, twice! ;)

close your eyes.....
dark, isn't it?

awwww come on, gimme a smile and lemme see your eyes twinkle....
or are yee jus constipated... hahahahaha

you gonna watch the inauguration tues? we will be.

as for the aliens, i have a few questions i'd like you to ask them for me..... lemme know when they will be pickin you up again, k?
just don't give 'em me addy... they scare me.

have a good'un...


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