Thursday, November 6, 2008

dear f.o.t.h.s

From: Pat
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 11:38 AM
Subject: blogging
some questions for you.
if you had a blog what would you call it?
would you want to be anonymous or known by your first name at least.?
would you include a picture of yourself in the profile?
if you had music on there which songs would you pick?
would the title of your blog have anything to do with your stroke.?
would you let me make one for you and post your stuff on it?
i was thinking of posting your news, emails, lunches with ma, gym antics, stroke recovery stuff etc etc. what do you think?

tell me what you want, send me a pic of yourself that you like (if you want to include one) and write some stuff 'about me' (as in "YOU" not me) that i can post on the profile page and i will take care of the rest and send you the link and the password.

you can be as personal or as private as you like.

i will post your stuff on there for you until you are comfortable with doing it yourself (if and when) . you will be the owner etc. and it will be YOUR blog, but i'll just be your admin assistant.
let me know how you want it done.
pat xxx

Dear Admin Assistant,
OOer! That's a lot for me drug - addled brain to think about:- Thanks for the offer of help in setting up same. Not sure about name for blog but am happy to have my name used in whole or part, I'll have a think and try to come up with something good/snappy etc. Will send a recentish photo asap I think the last ones I had taken were with y'all at Syd's. Somehow I don't think I can avoid it being stroke related!! What about using a tweaked version of that F.O.T.H.S. write up you did as a sort of intro of me n you/our relationship. Other than horspittal related stuff I've not much going on at mo though!! Pretty Boring to read about all that!

Will have to have long hardthink about music as I love so much but its all old. OOh this is exciting stuff.

Just been browsing your blog for ideas to nick!! Cos I'm lazy and I'm too vain to just want a recent pic (all too ghastly) I want a before n after so folks'll know I wasn't always this way!! (Going for the sympathy touch here)
Here's a good one of me skiing. Oh happy days. I loved skiing so much.

Here's a couple of emails from Helen. A sample of some of what she writes about on a regular basis. These are about her visits to the gym where she does her physical therapy to increase her mobility.

Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 10:55 AM
Subject: Gymee crack sore and I don't care
Hello Dear Foths,
Well I'm sitting here with a sore bum and aching back after a heavy pedalling session in the gym this morning. They were well impressed with my progress since last being there. I climbed onto the bike & pedalled like buggery without having my left foot (there's a film title in there somewhere!) strapped to the pedal as I used to have to do.

Now I can control it and actually use it to pedal; not just let it be pushed around by my right foot doing all the work. So I did a good 15mins with which I was very chuffed. I did a few other exercises, some using my arm too and am going back on Friday if not too creaky.

I feel so much more positive too!
Chow for now me dearios.

(in this email helen is referring to my trying (trying being the operative word) to give up TV for lent this year. when she says, 'i bet Mary did better,' she was referring to the fact that f.o.t.h. Mary is a very good woman and when she says she will do something she sticks to it, unlike clippy mat, who has no backbone.)

Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 6:28 PM
Subject: Just a quick Ketchup
Dearest f.o.t.h.s.
Pat, I've just read your latest bit o blog - it answers many questions I was about to ask you- Atonement I haven't seen the film yet but I almost threw the book out of the bedroom window. I much prefer fast-paced quick-witted & lively writing (have you read any Wendy Holden's chiclit stuff Azur like it (Cannes anything be this Nice) Pastures Nouveax very English style of writing of the moment!
Yep I'm with you, give me a Roddy Doyle, Frank McCourt or Bill Bryson any day although the Wendy Holdens do make me smile & oftimes chuckle at her clever phrases and use of Franglais.

Have to admit I'm shocked and appalled at your Lenten debacle!! Where's yer backbone woman! Its lovely to know that despite the thousands of miles atween us you're sat sitting there watching the same tv crap as me!!
I loved Glen Close inDamages too. Best thing that's been on here in ages, I'm thoroughly sick of all these talentless 'Search for a Star' programs & the crappy 'celebrity' reality shows that are the mainstay of British tv just now.
'Celebrity Strictly dancing / 'Celebrity' Big Brother, 'Celebrity' Dancing on ice all with minor Z-list celebs & wannabees.
Happy reading!
Bet Mary's done better for Lent!!!

Katie Kaka cleaner upper: hope that situation has dried up now. (helen is referring to f.o.t.h. katie here. you will meet them all here eventually.)

That's all I can do folks as am mucho tired:- had physio this a.m. then hair wash n blow dry (by sis) & at-home massage courtesy of Loraine the Alternative Therapy nurse. So busy. Pamper day for me thought of you all working so hard tee hee

Love ewes,Helenxxxxx


Smileygirl said...

Reading these exchanges makes me think, "THANK GOD for modern technology." Seriously what would we all do without the convenience of being able to get right into the lives of our loved ones and friends no matter where we live? We are blessed to live in these times. Hope you're having a good day and I'll check back later!


Anonymous said...

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Jan said...

Hello Helen, just found your blog via our mutual friend Clippy.
Think you're an inspiration, will be back.
love Jan

Helen said...

Thanks for the comments one & all and especial Thanks to Clippy Mat for giving her time & energy to this lil project o'mine,and as was so oft written on my school reports I:-'Must Do Better' 'Must Try Harder' 'Has the skill but lacks the concentration' Byee Helenxx

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the way you two converse, you can just feel the love and the deep friendship. Take care Helen.

Clippy Mat said...

helen: i'm just smiling at suz's comment about our friendship. that's nice.
we are on the same wavelength a lot i think because we have very similar backgrounds and also being born one day apart, we're both geminis and have many similariities in our personalities.
jan, on the left there is a girl who i went to school with at st.aidans.
allow me to introduce you both.
helen, jan, jan helen.
and while we're on,
helen, smileygirl,
smileygirl helen,
suz helen,
helen, suz.
there now we all know each other.